Does it work with an older macbook air?

Some of the answers indicate this new portable superdrive will work with any mac that does not have a superdrive built in. That indicates it should also work with an older Macbook Air. However, if it works with an older Macbook Air why doesn't it work on any Mac? I have an older iMac that has a superdrive that won't work properly because it was switched to to many locations. Instead of buying a new superdrive for it I would have liked to purchase the portable superdrive since my iMac will require replacing within the year and it makes more sense to buy this drive now so I already have it to go with the new iMac.

Apple USB SuperDrive

Apple USB SuperDrive

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2 Answers from the Community

  • It will only work with a Mac that shipped without an internal SuperDrive. So, it will work with a MacBook Air, but will not work with any iMac except the newest generation that lacked internal SuperDrives. My understanding is this is a limitation built into the firmware of the USB SuperDrive.

  • Most likely.
    Check the Supported Products section to verify it.