does it work off wifi can i use it while im driving

iBaby Monitor

iBaby Monitor

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    YES IT WORKS ... BUUUT - Here is the only way that it will work correctly. Once you have it configured, you MUST follow these steps: 1) Log in to the camera via your browser - you will know what the IP address is when you open the iBaby app from your Iphone/iPad/iPod. When you open it up, click on Set Up. When you do so, click on the Camera Information button. You will see "IP address" field at the top. You will then want to type that IP address in with the port number in the address bar of your favorite browser. Example: If you see an IP address of and a PORT 14971 - open your browser and type in (h t t p : / /
    2) You will be prompted to log in (you should have your username/password available - this is something you set up when you launch the iBaby app (when you configure the camera for the first time)
    3) When you are in, click on the advanced tab and uncheck Obtain IP automatically. This will prevent your IP address from changing! Do not forget to click on SUBMIT - your camera will reboot
    4) Log back in to the camera via your favorite browser and click on Advanced again. On the right side you will see DDNS ... write that URL down as this will be the URL that you will use to connect on the road, at your office or anywhere outside of your WIFI range
    5) Now here is the hard part - you need to log into your WIFI router (NetGear, Linksys, Apple Airport, D-LINK) and you need to find a "Port Forwarding" section. The IP address of your router is your gateway IP address (i.e. - you want to type that in to your favorite browser and log in
    6) When you do, you want the service name to be "Baby Monitor" / Protocol to be TCP/UDP (or just TCP is fine) / Starting Point/Ending Point to be the port that you saw when you logged in to your camera (i.e. 14971) and the sever IP to be the IP address of your camera (i.e.

  • It depends on your signal. I had 4 bars on AT&T 3G when I tried & there's actually not much lag or delay. Beware though if your router is not capable with UPnp you will have to do a port forwarding or port mapping. I have an Airport Extreme & I had to do this to be able to view the monitor outside of my Wi-fi at home & use their DDNS. The camera setting UPnP when you're on your home Wi-fi should be Open.

  • I followed the instructions above and I am able to connect by 3G on my cell phone network. Its very useful as I can use it as a security camera when I'm not home. Tip: make sure you turn off your Wifi connection if you are connected to another network that is not your own, as the app will look for the camera under your network that you installed the camera under.

  • Unfortunately not. I just bought this and it only works with wifi.

    The Camera itself is nice. The video isn't as crisp as the photos on the box but overall (in the 3 hours I have had this) It's great.

  • The video can be accessed as long as a Wi-Fi network is available.