Does it support looped Midi tracks of different lengths without repeat paste?

Can logic support the looping of MIDI tracks of different length? If I want a 8 bar kick/snare loop with a 16 bar shaker track and a 32 bar hat loop can I do without repeat pasting? I don't want three 32 bar loops (after DAW repeat paste ala cubase) but rather looped MIDI tracks of different lengths. I don't want to have to determine my song length and repeat paste everything ever let alone before I lay my next track over top. Does logic provide this type of non-linear MIDI track looping?

QA Logic Studio

QA Logic Studio

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    Logic Pro is a midi drummer's dream. Yes just open up a track for each instrument and paste where you want them, drag to repeat (the circled arrow at he top of the title bar on each recorded piece) and trim them individually. You stereo mix and glue them all together on the same track if you have to, tho you do have 255 tracks if you need them!