does it stay closed or those it form a V?

does it stay closed like a book or those it form a V figure because of the phone and money?

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S/4

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S/4

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  • It stays closed if you don't pack it too full. I keep two debit cards in the pockets and kept my driver's license in the view pocket, but I had to keep taking it out, which was not easy to do. The best solution was to put the license in the back/side pocket for easy removal. I made a copy of my AAA card and put in the view pocket so I could show it without removing and the copy was thinner than the card. (Toner will stick to the clear plastic though, so laminate it first.)

    I did notice that the credit cards caused the leather to rub a line on my screen protector on the phone when closed (screen protector sold separately by another vendor). I took a lens cleaning cloth and tucked it into the side pocket with my DL. I use it to protect the screen and ocassionally wipe fingerprints off the screen.

    This case is great and I hardly carry a wallet anymore. It lays flat when closed and you can fold it backward when you talk. Just be sure you get the genuine Twelve South case because the knock-off counterfeits don't hold up and are not worth the few bucks you can save by buying one.