Does it output the audio also?

HDMI normally carries both audio and video. If you have a movie on your iPhone 5, will this device (with an HDMI cable) output both audio and video to your HDTV?

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes, HDMI carries both audio and video.

  • Yes.

  • yes. HDMI outputs audio along with high definition audio.

  • As it is HDMI, I would expect it to output at least stereo audio over HDMI. The HDMI adapters have historically done this with both the 30-pin dock connector and the Mini-DP to HDMI adapter for the MacBook Pro.

  • Yes

  • I'm 99% that it will just like the previous 30-pin to HDMI adapter did. Funny how the description doesn't specify this -- they should add that little tid bit.

  • The "AV" in Digital AV Adapter stands for Audio / Video, so I think we can conclude that it will. Only way to know for sure at this moment is to ask Apple what is the official answer?

  • That is the way the old HDMI connector worked and I can be about 99% sure this one does the same thing. Audio and video both output. You can actually even play surround sound though your iphone if its AC3