Does it connect to a 2009 macbook pro?

My friend has the black 2007 or 2008 macbook, I'm not sure. However he has a VGA adapter but it wont fit in my 2009 Macbook pro. Will this connect to my laptop, or only the older ones?

Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter

Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter

Product No Longer Available

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    Short Answer: No. Only for older non-Pro series MacBooks.

    Long Answer: The 2009 MacBook Pro's use Mini-Display Port for video output. To connect MDP to VGA you need a different part. Apple makes a "Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter" retailing for $29.00. The 2008 MacBook Pro's used full size DVI. This dongle is designed to work with all Black and White polycarbonate MacBooks, iMacs (Intel Core Duo), and 12-inch PowerBook G4's. Just FYI, the MacBook Air uses Micro DVI, so this is dongle is not compatible with that notebook either.

  • I cannot find the "Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter" retailing for $29.00 mentioned in a previous answer.

    I have a MacBookPro - just purchased Oct 09 - and need an adaptor from the mini display port to VGA. I cannot find any mention of the MacBookPro for any of the adaptors listed in the Apple Store. This item looks as if it's what I need but the MacBookPro is not listed. Perhaps Apple could make it clear on this site which adaptor I need?

  • The new Air's, however, have mini display port which is newer than micro dvi and mini dvi.