Does it come with a thin silicone covered click wheel?- or is it uncovered?  (read further description)

I'm wondering if this case now is sold with a uncovered click-wheel. There is a older version that had a thin coating of silicone, that was later taken off due to the click-wheel not responding. So I'm wondering if you ordered directly from apple, and did it come with a covered or non-covered click wheel?

iSkin eVo3 Duo for iPod classic

iSkin eVo3 Duo for iPod classic

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    I received this case today in the mail directly from the apple store online and yes the click wheel on the iPod is not covered (no silicone over it) so it allows you to directly touch it with your finger. This is great because I remember using the old version of this ipod case a few iPods back when the click wheel used to be covered and it was a pain to use it. Now this new revamped and updated version of the iSkin evo3 case for iPod Classic comes with no silicone cover where the click wheel is.