Does it charge an iPhone connected through MacBook Pro?

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

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    Short answer YES. I've just run a test, and the previous answer of "no, it charges from any power left in the MacBook battery" is incorrect. I'm running a MacBook Pro 13", MacBook battery at 99%, and it has charged my iPhone from 25% to 100% without affecting the MacBook (still at 99% charge). I notice the iPhone charging is slower than usual though.

  • It should charge devices plugged into a a mac laptop that uses the 60W power supply when the laptop battery is charged, or charge the laptop a little when it's asleep or off, but it will probably not charge the laptop battery while on. It may also depend a little on the plane.

    However, if you have a laptop that uses the 85W power supply, such as the larger/older macbook pro, be glad it powers the laptop at all.

  • no it won't. all this adapter does is to provide enough juice to power on your portable. it does not provide enough juice to charge the portable. with that said, were you to recharge the iphone, the power will come directly from the reserve of battery, and when that reserve is depleted, it will not charge further through adapter.