Does it actually charge the phone or is it just like adding another battery?

Kensington Mini Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod

Kensington Mini Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod

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    when it's plugged into ipod or iphone, it will charge the ipod/iphone battery if needed.

    If the ipod/Iphone battery is already at full charge, and you plug in this battery, then the Kensington mini battery pack will be the default power for the device until it runs out of juice.

    it's pretty cool...

    in summary, it will charge ipod/iphone battery if needed, but once the ipod/iphone battery is full then it will act as supplemental battery.

    Hope that makes sense...

  • It has a cord that plugs into the wall and when fully charged it will show a light that says its done charging and u put it into your ipod and it will show its charging the ipod so its a portable ipod charger very useful while its charing the light will show red or green green meaning it has alot of charge left to give the ipod or red to show youll have to plug it into wall again

  • It actually charges the phone. It's basically a battery that you plug in to charge and when you need to charge your phone, it charges from the battery instead of having to plug it into the wall. Think of it as a mobile wall unit :-)