does ibank work with M & T bank?

iBank 4

iBank 4

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    iBank 4 "works with" nearly all U.S. banks (and some foreign banks) in one or both of the following methods:

    Direct Connect is the means by which some banks make your transactions available with automatic downloads. Not every bank offers this type of service, and some that do require you to set up a second, separate log-in and password for your accounts to use it; in turn, some banks charge a monthly fee for this.

    Web connect, or web downloads, is another method by which a much greater number of banks (including M&T) allow you to download current transaction data. You can do this from within iBank's built-in browser, and there is no cost or separate log-in from the one you use to view your account online.

    A brief "account setup" tutorial online shows how to use iBank for both of these options.