Does iBank work with British date format. dd/mm/yyyy

i downloaded their free trial and struggled in vain to get the date format on entries I made into my checking account

Please help

iBank 4

iBank 4

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    Not for me. I tried iBank 4 versions 4.2.2 and 4.2.5 (latest as of August 10) and it could not import a date — such as May 19, 2008 — from CSV in any of these formats:


    On that last one, iBank admitted that it couldn't figure out the date format, and asked what it was. I chose from iBank's own list of possibilities — yy-mm-dd — and it STILL imported wrong!

    Other glitches in the interface regarding dates make it clear that date-handling, and specifically date-importation from text sources, is quite broken as of 4.2.5.

  • Yes, iBank will handle a variety of date formats, including the British format you've indicated. If you're using a trial version of iBank, you may want to download the very latest update, which may include fixes for known date-related bugs. If you're still experiencing inconsistencies, check with the iBank support team - help is free, even for trial users.