Does iBank work for GB Pounds and is it compatible with UK bank formats?

iBank 4

iBank 4

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    Yes - iBank offers multi-currency support, so that you may set up each account with any primary currency you choose. And if you keep some of your money in GB pounds, while also maintaining another account (for example) in euros - that's easy enough in iBank as well.

    Bank formats, as you know, vary, and most UK banks don't support the Direct Connect standard (which may be what you have in mind for automatic updating of your accounts). Nonetheless, if you can download your current transactions, via the web download method, into file formats that are variously compatible with MS Money (OFX), Quicken (QIF) or even Excel (CSV), iBank can easily import those transactions. You may want to contact your bank if it's not readily apparent which file formats they support.