Does anyone know whether the latency is different, i.e. there's less latency than experienced with the Bamboo tablet from Wacom?

Hiccups anyone? I tried to use a Bamboo tablet I received as a gift with my MBP (OSX 10.7.4/ Pshp & Illus 5.1) and was frustrated by skips and lag between touching the tablet with the pen and the stroke beginning on the screen. Wondering if the Intuos 5 is smooth. Thanks -

Wacom Intuos5 Touch Pen Tablet

Wacom Intuos5 Touch Pen Tablet

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    As far as I know there should be no problems what so ever. I have both the original bamboo and a Intuos4 and there have been no problems. Could run down to maybe theres something wrong with the stylus/tablet or driver issue. The Intuos is a professional grade tablet so there should be no problems. COuld always contact customer support if you do run into any trouble.