Does anyone know if Time Capsule is compatible with AT&T 2wire modem and router?

I want to buy Time Capsule for my iMac, but i am worried that the wireless router in TIme Capsule will interfere with the wireless router in the AT&T 2wire. The AT&T 2wire is a single unit that contains both modem and a router. I was wondering if anyone has any experience using these 2 devices and if they are compatible. In particular, Is there a way of disabling or by passing the router in the AT&T 2wire?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes, your Time Capsule is compatible with the 2WIRE modem. Your easiest configuration is to use the Airport Utility to configure the TC in bridge mode. With the TC in bridge mode, the 2WIRE continues to serve as the DSL modem and router. (When you step through the configuration wizard in Airport Utility, you will be asked whether to select Bridge mode or Router mode; select Bridge.)

    Presuming the 2WIRE router is serving your LAN in DHCP mode, your TC will pick up an IP address (LAN side) from the 2WIRE and be just like every other device on the 2WIRE network.

    I suggest that if you intend to use the WAP capabilities of your TC, that you disable the wireless services on the 2WIRE router/bridge. The advantage of using the wireless capability of your TC is that your users will have slight speed advantage while backing up to the TC (rather than using the wireless section of the 2WIRE).

    This all means that you will leave your 2WIRE connected to the phone (and DSL) line. You will connect the Time Capsule to the 2WIRE via Ethernet cable (use the WAN Ethernet port on the TC).

  • I purchased a TC and installed it with my 2WIRE router. I followed the directions and messed up my entire network. Per the instructions I tried to use the TC as an Airport Base Station. I must have done something wrong because none of my computers would connect, or they would connect but not connect when restarted. I removed the TC and got my system back to where I started. I am going to do some more research before I try again but I WILL get it working. I thought about seeing if AT&T offers a DSL modem without the wireless. If so, I will pursue that option. Good luck, if you get it to work please post here so I can follow what you have done.