does airport extreme work with an existing wireless network router

I have an old G4 bowling ball that needs a wireless access. I also have a Linksys wireless router that is working fine and I want to continue using. So can I use extreme as an access point (no direct modem connection) by just leaving the modem port open and plugging the G4 into one of the other ports?

  • Asked by Dennis H from Santa Cruz
  • Nov 11, 2009
QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    No problem.

    Your new Airport Extreme actually will do a dual 802.11b/g network on the 2.4Ghz spectrum (you can set the channel) and a 802.11a/n network on the 5Ghz spectrum (I'd recommend setting the channel to 161 - the highest channel here actually pushes farther because of power...I can't remember the link)

    Anyways, set the WiFi names and security all the same, set all the bases - Linksys included - to different channels and you're all set! Just make sure that the Linksys has DHCP turned off if you're going to use the AE as the primary DHCP (router) server.

    • Answered by Grant G from New Hope
    • Nov 14, 2009