Do you have to run or will a spinning class work just as well?

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

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    Spinning is like cycling. I've had mine in my runners while out on the trails and no, it doesnt work. I am looking for something that will work with my ipod while cycling.

  • I don't have the sensor device so I cannot speak to using a sensor on a spinning bike, but I ride a StarTrac stationary bike and yes, my i Touch plugs into the machine's little adapter and works swell. One minor point: If you use the Face book updater on the Nike+ website to post your results to your Face book wall the updates will indicate in the wall post that you've *run* X number of miles rather than that you biked it. Certainly isn't a deal breaker for me.

    Apple's gym locator might help clarify whether your local gym has the properly equipped machines (though FWIW, my equipped gym wasn't even listed).

  • I'm sure it will, because you are still exercising.