Do you have to have Wi Fi to use these with an IPhone?

iHome iW3 AirPlay Rechargeable Wireless Audio System

iHome iW3 AirPlay Rechargeable Wireless Audio System

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    From the information page on the Apple Store: "Manufacturer Note
    Note: To take advantage of AirPlay functionality, the iW3 must be connected to a Wi-Fi network with networked access to a Mac or PC running iTunes 10.1 or later; or an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 4.2 or later."

    So yes, to wirelessly play, the use of a wifi network would be required. However, it does have a wired connection as well for occasional "non-wifi" use. If you want an airplay speaker that does both, look at the Libratone Zip which boasts the ability to use a direct wireless link option without wifi along with traditional airplay.

    If that is too pricey, look for a less expensive bluetooth speaker (Logitech Mini boom box isn't super loud but is very portable) for those trips to the beach (the Apple Store has an excellent selection, my favorites are the loud and rich Bose Soundlink and the rugged Phillips ShoqBox-I own both).

    With the outdoors covered, you can buy an appropriate airplay speaker for home like the IW3. If you want the best of both, look for one like the Zip. The tradeoff is price of course, but the audio quality is quite good, even with the compression of audio over wifi. Buying both speakers isn't really much cheaper, but may be less of a hassle-that's up to you! It really comes down to priorities, the portability vs airplay. Or the Zip that does both...Hope that helps!

    Bob (Not an Apple Employee, just a geek)

  • No, you don't.
    1. You can use this with ANY sound source with a headphone-out port.
    2. You can hook the iHome iW3 to an iOS device using a USB cord, and you'll be able to control the songs (play/pause/next/back) with the controls on top of the device.
    3. You can use it wirelessly with Airplay using an iOS device or a computer running iTunes that is on the same network.