do these offset hole adaptors come with the hole on each side for front or back facing in the dock?

The nano has the female docking offset from center on the bottom of the ipod. the adapter is offset to the right when facing the front of the docking station. I need the adaptor with the offset hole on the left side when facing front so the ipod window will be facing front when its docked. otherwise the ipod nano is backwards and the screen does not face the front of the memorex docking station. If i buy the 3 pack do they all have different offset as positioned with the 2 clip on attachments on the bottom front. in another way to explain it i have a #18 adapter and the hole is like the photo positioned on the right, i need one with the hole positioned on the left. How can I get this part?

  • Asked by Michael C from West Covina
  • Jun 18, 2010
Universal Dock Adapter 3-pack for iPod nano (5th generation)

Universal Dock Adapter 3-pack for iPod nano (5th generation)

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