Do these headphones have sufficient sound quality for an average user?

I've read mixed reviews about the sound quality on these headphones. I've been using Apple's headphones that come with the iPhone and they sound fine to me. I was wondering if these will suffice.

Urbanears Plattan Plus Headphones

Urbanears Plattan Plus Headphones

Product No Longer Available

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    these headphones are amazing. they can get alittle uncomfortable after long uses but they sound amazing. i listen to alot of different styles of music, they have great bass for hip hop/rap songs, very balanced for rock. John Meyer, and Credence Clearwater was mind blowing. for $60 this is a great price and i like the turquoise-ish color. they also do a good job of canceling out noise. also people cannot hear what you are listening to like alot of other models i had did.

  • I would say they are quite a bit better than the bundled iPhone headset!