Do these come with a carry case of any sort?

It doesn't mention anything in the "what's in the box" section and I thought it would be weird if it didn't have one, since the hd 25-1 II had one and the amperior is designed for portable use. Thanks.

Sennheiser Amperior Headphones

Sennheiser Amperior Headphones

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    Sadly, no. It doesn't even come with a 1/4 inch plug. Although, the packaging for it was really impressive (it reminded me of Razer). It only comes with the headphones and two cords.

  • Nope. Rather ridiculously at this price, for a headphone designed "for the street", as opposed to the HD25's which are designed "for the club" (higher impedance you see - though I use the latter just fine on my iphone, so really it's just the ipod cable controls that's useful on the Amperiors ;-).

    As a tip, you can get a leatherette Sennheiser bag, as I did recently, from a few Sennheiser spares suppliers online for around a tenner! Does the job, and is light.