do the decks actually spin?

someone asked if the decks were touch sensitive (capacitive) but i'm wondering if this sensitivity replaces an actual spinning part?

Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

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    i actually found a video of the spin on the djay website, and it seems that the decks DO SPIN - BUT ONLY WHEN YOU SPIN THEM.
    as the track is playing, they sit still, although when you go to manipulate the audio by touching the decks, they do move, you actually scratch or pause or slow or speed up the tracks by spinning the controller.

    while a full time spinning deck would be much more authentic and natural to control, i mostly was worried that it's be like some touch sensitive plate that you had to slide your fingers over, and i did not like the idea of that at all.

    this product seems to fall right in the middle of my desires and expectations, it's basically a better interface than using the laptop track pad.

  • the decks don't spin like a record (baby...) but they do move when touched for scratch, cueing etc...
    i you're looking for a spinning deck you have to go with the only one there is numark ns-7. the price is not the same $1200 or more but it's a pro set that wheighs about 50lbs and is GREAT !!
    spin is for home a party fun, Ns-7 is for real profesional DJs.
    this being said a lot of people seem to like the spin.
    i called vestax and the guy told me that apple had the exclusivity and that they make only a certain # of unit for them a year.... go figure !

  • The jog wheels of the Vestax Spin do ROTATE manually.

    If you are asking if the jog wheels are motorized so that they rotate on their own, NO. Bear in mind that the Vestax Spin is a very thin device, not large enough to contain motors strong enough to rotate the jog wheels and also be robust enough to withstand being manipulated by human hands.

    DJ controllers with motorized platters (or jogwheels) include: Some models of the Denon line of CD players, The Numark NS7 and V7, the Stanton SCS1D and the Vestax VCI-B1 (unreleased).

  • No, as a dj myself (JurusDiction) I have done a lot of research in the realm of DJ controllers. The Numark NS7 is the only controller to my knowledge that has moving platters. I can also say that Traktor is a far superior program then DJay 3. Ableton will work with the controller, and you can use it to midi map on Midi side of Serato Scratch Live after you purchase their soundcard with the Vestex Spin. It will not work with Serato's ITCH. If you looking for a controller in the same price level look at VCI 100 because its more cross compatible with other programs. The Vestax Spin is made for beginners and I wouldn't suggest it for professional applications beyond mobile Djing.

  • The Decks do spin. There is a video on youtube under Vestax Spin. It show a dj djing with it and the actually deck is spinning.

  • the decks don't actually.

  • The wheels do not actually spin like turntables do.