Do the Crystal Film and/or Anti-Glare film protect the iphone screen from shattering if dropped?

I've heard horror stories about iphone screens breaking after being dropped only small distances, even if they land on soft surfaces, and i'm concerned about this. I'd appreciate any advice about the best protection for the screen.

Power Support Crystal Film Set

Power Support Crystal Film Set

Product No Longer Available

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    This would merely provide scratch-resistance. To prevent shattering, use a case that has a lip that extends above the surface of the screen. If the phone falls face down on a flat surface, the lip should protect it.

    Or just don't drop it...

  • This film is for protecting the surface of the glass. If it shatters, it may hold them in place, but it will not keep it from cracking.

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  • It will keep the particles in place, that's for sure.