Do the BW C5 offer better sound quality than the Bose MEI2?

I have a pair of older Sony InEar headphones that I am going to replace with either the Bose MEI2 or these (The BW C5). My father has the last generation of the Bose and swears by them, but I tend to be a BW fan. Can you tell me are these worth the premium over the Bose?

Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

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  • Tried the Bose and while the sound was very good they don't hold up to the clarity and detail you get with the B&W C5's. The bass is exceptional for an in-ear product and the fit an finish is truly classic B&W. While the average consumer gravitates to Bose products, Bose can not compare to B&W's performance, build quality and design.

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    Definitely. My Bose Mie2i's recently broke after 6 months and I bought the C5s and they have been infinitely better than the Mie2is. The C5s stay in your just as well as the mie2i, but they actually fit in the ear canal, which isolates the noise much better. The boses are not noise isolating at all. The C5s also sound better, the base is fantastic and its like a private concert. They are definitely worth the extra cash.

  • Most definetly. it sounds like your wearing a Studio headphone, its Sound is Unbeleavable , I sometimes do not want to Remove Them

  • Definitely! I switched from Bose and these sound WAY better.