Do I need to purchase the Nike+ app or will it come w/the sensor?Trying to figure out everything needed for this to work on my Itouch 4th and cost.

Basically I am trying to make sure that I do not get this product thinking I just need to pay $19 and then find out I need to purchase other things to make this items work. It is a 4th Generation Itouch.

Nike + iPod Sensor

Nike + iPod Sensor

Product No Longer Available

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    If you Nike+ shoes it's fairly simple you buy the sensor put in your shoe and.....take off although I suggest getting an armband for your iPod . It's much easier to run with that way. Hope I helped you!!!

  • I have a Itouch 4GEN it has a software builtin its a little tricky getting to it though
    go to settings>in the side bar scrool down and you'll see the NIKE+IPOD APP click on it just click on and set it up. In the end go to the second or first page of your ipod desktop and you'll find it hope this info was helpful AHSAN