Do I need the Nike+ sensor with the 5G Nano ?

Nike + iPod Sensor

Nike + iPod Sensor

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    I found out the answer myself. My question was related to the 5G Nano which I already knew had a built in receiver (so I don't need a receiver). But as the 5G Nano also has a built in accelerometer that can act as a pedometer (from the Apple web site), I also knew that the 5G Nano with NO OTHER ATTACHMENTS can track steps. So my original question was "Do I need the Nike+ sensor with the 5G Nano?"

    I've since found out that although the built in pedometer can track steps, it doesn't track forward motion (just up and down), so it can't keep track of distance. If the Nike+ sensor is used in a shoe (and calibrated correctly) it can track distance.

    So the answer to my question is "perhaps". Anyway, I've bought the Nike+ sensor and I'll give it a try.

  • Yes. You will also need a receiver for the sensor itself. So you should think about getting the Nike + iPod Sports Kid. Also, you will also need a pair of Nike+ Supported Sports Shoes to use the sensor. But it still works well with non-Nike ones