Do I need new connecting USB cables for my devices?

I'm using an iMac 24". I currently have an old hub attached to a printer, card reader, old floppy drive, and ....... maybe something else.

Anyhow, if I upgrade to a USB 2.0 Hub, do I need new (e.g. USB 2.0) cables connecting each device to the Belkin Hub ?

Belkin Ultra-Slim USB 2.0 Desktop Hub

Belkin Ultra-Slim USB 2.0 Desktop Hub

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    Good question, Bruce! Thankfully, you would not need new cables for a USB 2.0 Hub.

    USB Technology is backwards-compatible, so an ancient USB 1.0 cable would plug into the USB 2.0 port on the hub. However, your connection would be limited to the speeds that you're used to. If you bought new cables to match the new hub, however, you would have access to the far greater speeds of USB 2.0.