Do I have to wear Nike shoes to use the Polar and Nike technology?

I can't wear Nike shoes, always wear New Balance. Is it possible to use this Wearlink+ Heart Rate Transmitter for Nike+ while wear other sneakers?

Polar Wearlink®+ Heart Rate Transmitter for Nike+

Polar Wearlink®+ Heart Rate Transmitter for Nike+

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    The Wearlink+ and the Nike shoe sensor are transmitter devices.
    The iPod Nano with the white receiver pick up the signal.
    I think as long as you have a transmitter and receiver pair you are OK.

    You don't have to have the shoe sensor if all you want is your hear rate monitored.
    However the white Nano receiver comes with a shoe sensor.

    I have also seen small plastic holders that you can put the sensor into and clip to your NB shoe laces. Also there are Youtube videos of velcro the sensor to the shoe or even sensor in a plastic lunch bag under the laces.