Do I have to have to install a special airport card to run the Extreme if I already own an iMac, or is it plug and play?

I have had to many routers that have failed. I do not want to buy another router. Nor do I want to spend the hundred dollars more for an Extreme, but if it is worth the money and easy to set up, I will.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    The computer (Mac or PC) that performs setup and management of the Extreme is not required to be wireless. If your Mac or PC has an unused Ethernet port, use that to connect to the Extreme. However, it will need to meet the system requirement for this particular model of the AirPort Extreme Base Station:

    "System Requirements for setup and administration:

    Mac computer with Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later, CD drive, and Ethernet or wireless networking capability
    PC with Windows XP (SP3) or Windows Vista (SP1) or later, CD drive, and Ethernet or wireless networking capability"

    Prior to connecting the AirPort Extreme to anything, the software on the included CD must first be installed to the computer.

    If the expense is an issue, consider the previous generation of the AEBS that can be purchased refurbished from the Special Deals section of the online Apple Store. They were all made during 2009, requires only OS X 10.4, and has the exact same warranty as this new one.