Do I have to have the time capsule or can I use an alternative hard drive & is it for apple notebooks?

Do not know anything about computers but I have bought my daughter an apple laptop for christmas, need to know if I need a time capsule or can I use another external hardrive for her to store photos music & films and also if I do need a Time Capsule can it be used with all apple laptops/computers

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Well, you don't HAVE TO have one as PB said in his/her answer BUT!
    1. If you use a Time Capsule (TC) you can set the Time Machine (TM) feature on the Mac which gonna automatically make backups of the Mac's hard drive (HD) wirelessly in every hour so you never have to worry about her forgetting to plug in the external HD and may lose all pictures and documents.
    2. You can use the TC as your wireless router in your home and have all computers connected making sharing photos, docs easy and effortless with the built in HD.
    3. Any computer Mac or PC can use/share the TC.
    4. If you have and existing USB printer you can plug it in the TC and it's ready to use wirelessly from any computer in the house, in any room.
    The TC is much more than just an external HD for just a little extra money. Trust me you and your daughter will love the freedom and reliability of this product.

    I am not affiliated with Apple™ in any way. ;)

  • Hi, TW.
    You don't need to buy a "Time Capsule" to let your daughter be able to store photos etc. Just get an external drive and connect it through USB or Firewire (more expensive in most cases, but has faster transfer-speed between computer and harddrive).