do i have to have the apple phones, ipod, or computer just to buy this???

i dont have my iphone anymore, i now have the htc 1x plus and i dont have a mac computer....also i didnt see in the description if its waterproof or not, i just wanna make sure thinking of buying it but if i need to have the apple accessories then maybe this is not the best choice for me...

UP by Jawbone

UP by Jawbone

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  • yes you can use the jawbone up with just about any android device(yes your htc 1x+ is compatible). it also does not sync with a computer, it is only needed for charging. you can use any usb charging brick to charge it with the included usb cable. Jawbone dont recomend that you take it swimming so you are better off not bothering with that... but it is water resistant, so you can wear it in the shower and it doesnt get affected by sweat, rain, and water that falls on it while washing your hands. It is supossed to be one of the best fitness bands that you can get on the market today, i personaly do not have one but i am getting one today actualy... Hoped this helped:)