Do I have to have an Airport Extreme to have a wireless printer work on my Mac?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    There are several printers in stores that you can buy with built-in Wi-Fi. With these printers, all you must do is tell the printer what network to connect to, and install a software on your computer, then the printer would print wirelessly without any additional hardware needed at all! (I have one of these printers, the Kodak ESP 7 All-In-One, and it works perfectly <With Snow Leopard, this printer is a little trickier to set up, must enter IP address manually.)

    The other solution would be to buy the less expensive apple router, the Apple Airport Express, which has a USB port to support wireless printing along with all the basic features most other routers have. (Internet via Ethernet Port, etc.) Keep in mind that it only has one Ethernet port for internet, so computers would need to be connected wirelessly. *The airport express can only support up to 5 wireless devices connected at one time. Also keep in mind the express' USB port does NOT support ext. Hard Drives.

  • Actually, if your printer is not far from your Mac (10m or less), and the printer itself isn't wireless, you can use a bluetooth adapter. For me it's works fine !

  • The only way I have found thus far to use a wireless printer without Airport is to use a bluetooth printer such as the HP Photosmart C5580. The range on the bluetooth is pretty limited, so if you choose that option, know that your computer will have to be close by (5-10 feet). Since my printer is on the same desk as my Macbook, it isn't a problem. Whenever this printer dies, I will go to Airport and use the wireless capability that it provides.

  • No, wireless printers can communicate fine with your Mac over any router.

  • no you dont. you just need a router of some sort.

  • No, but you the other wireless routers have to have that feature and most other tend to mess up