Do I have to format the TC's hard drive like I would a standard external if I want some space for Time Machine and some space for data?

I'd like to use it for both - a TM back-up as well as a shared iPhoto Library, shared iTunes, etc. How difficult is this? Do I have to allocate the space myself or will the TC do it for me?

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QA Apple Time Capsule

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    No, you do not have to partition or format the Time Capsule's hard drive to use it for storage or Time Machine. The Time Capsule is some what like a mini computer that is sharing it's hard drive, Your computers (both Mac and PC) can access the drive using Apple's Bonjour networking technologies. The Time Machine backup system houses your data in a chronological folder structure. You can use the Time Capsule's hard drive for either or both, just keep in mind that the more space you use up on the hard drive the less space Time Machine has to use for backup's.

  • I agree, it is very easy to set up, when you back up using TM it automatically creates a hierarchical set folders for backups, and each user who backs up has their own individual root folder containing their own back up data.

    You can also use the TC for standard data usage without creating a separate partition. and it can be shared easily, I am not fully aware of how/if it needs be set up to share with multiple people.

    Although I would advise against this, as you are using the drive more or less continuously every time you wish to access itunes etc( the same drive on which your back ups are stored) , This constant access between users can cause disk malfunction or crash after extreme use, i emphasize extreme use. This can cause irreversible data loss. My HDD on my pc laptop had backups and data, and it crashed losing all back ups.

  • It's not a good idea to mix Time Machine backups and other data on the TC's internal HD, as TM will, eventually, use all the empty space, and you cannot partition it.

    There are some workarounds; the best is to connect a USB drive to the TC; use the internal HD for backups and the USB drive for other data, or vice-versa.

    See the USER TIPS at the top of the Time Capsule forum, at: http: SLASH SLASH DOT com/forum.jspa?forumID=1253