Could you plug a microphone into Aux-in and use it like a speaker system for a smallish room, for a club lecture etc?

Philips Fidelio SoundRing Portable Speaker with AirPlay

Philips Fidelio SoundRing Portable Speaker with AirPlay

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    This is not a good "PA" (Public Address) device for several reasons.

    The electronic audio world has two common signal levels. Think of it as two radically different "volume" levels. "Mic level" signals come out of microphones. "Line level" signals are used to pass among devices like this. An "Aux in" port expects a line level signal. Plug a microphone into it and it won't be loud enough. It won't be NEARLY loud enough.

    You could use a "mic preamp" to bring the signal level up to line level and fix this problem, but then the port is stereo and the mic is probably mono, and this is a 12 watt home stereo device when you really need a 150 watt PA system, like a Mackey SRM 150. PA systems are rugged and are not damaged by occasional feedback that fries home stereo speakers.

    You don't need high fidelity, delicate stereo. You need loud, clear, rugged mono. The Mackey takes up to two mic level or line level microphones, (XLR or 1/4" TS or 1/4" TRS -- the three types of plugs PA microphones use) plus RCA stereo input (like a home stereo) line level and gives you knobs to adjust the volume for each of these inputs. It weighs 7 pounds and is slightly smaller than a bowling ball.

    Use the Sound Ring for wireless music on your wireless network at home. Use the SRM 150 in your conference room.