could i use this to record a school sport match e.g rowing rugby cricket

So my school are in the national finals for rowing could I use this drone to record the whole race from both a birds eye view and behind or infront of the boat, also my year is in the national cricket finals could i record the whole game? (20/20 so about 2 hrs playing time)

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

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    Not as much you want. The key limitations are that the battery lasts ~15minutes or so; and the range is ~30-50feet.
    You could hover out over the water/sport field and get some cool shots.

    The second limitation is the camera angle. The forward camera has good quality images but it faces forward. It only tilts down when you are moving forward. There is no zoom.
    The down camera has crude images only.
    You will need to be a very accomplished pilot -and somewhat lucky to boot- to get good video of a fast moving event.

    Online you will find some discussion by people who have modified the Parrot to tilt the front camera. Doable, but I balked at modifying mine.