Consolidating media on TC...

I've been through a lot of the Q's on this product's Q&A thread but have one of my own:

- Currently, my iTunes Media Library is (on the most part) on my old Sony Vaio, with some larger files (mainly my TV show series) on a couple of external HDDs - I have a new Macbook that I don't want to ram with media..

My question is, how easy is it going to be to consolidate my entire iTunes media library on the TC so it can permanently be accessed from either my Macbook, Apple TV or iPhone etc... what steps would I have to go through to achieve this centrally stored media utopia?! (can I plug the HDD's via USB in to the TC and use my Mac to 'drag files' from the HDD's on to the TC?) - ultimately I want the files on the TC and the HDD'a put to pasture...

Equally.. with my library then on TC - if I buy an album on my iPhone or a film on my Mac... how do I 'sync' it over to the TC without messing about? (I don't want dupe files - one Time Machine backup version and one that I've manually 'copied' over to the TC iTunes Library...

I'm hoping all this will 'just work' :-S

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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