Connection to cable line or cable box?

I simply cannot get a clear read on how this thing works. Does it only work through a cable box or can I hook it up directly to my incoming cable line? At first I interpreted the description to mean that I could connect it to my existing cable line, but now I am wondering if it only gets channels through a cable box. Can someone clarify this for me before I open the box? I think I made a major mistake in misinterpreting how the connection actually works and since I have not opened the box yet, I don't want to commit until I am clear on this issue. Thanks.

Elgato EyeTV HD Video Recorder

Elgato EyeTV HD Video Recorder

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    It connects to your video source (cable box) via Component, Composite, or S-Video cable. It does not have a built in tuner and cannot be directly connected to your incoming cable. It has an IR blaster to remotely change the channels on your cable or satellite box. This device still requires a Cable box with component output (for HD) and a Mac in close proximity with a Core 2 Duo or better processor. Basically all this unit does is takes the output of your cable box and feeds it to a Mac via USB where it is then viewable in a window.

  • cable box. it has the ir transmitters to change the channel on the cable box. works pretty well doing that.