compatibility with ipad 2

is the Apogee ONE USB Microphone compatible with the iPad 2, AND how does it compare to the Blue Yeti Mic? TY, JR

Apogee ONE USB Music Interface and Microphone

Apogee ONE USB Music Interface and Microphone

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    Although I don't disagree with the previous answer to this question, someone (not me) made this device work with an iPAD. Check this out on Youtube under


  • You'll need a mic specifically designed to work with an iPad. Most USB devices do NOT work with iPhones/iPads/iPods; never assume something does unless iPhone/iPad/iPod support is clearly stated.

    The only "iDevice" mics that I am aware of are a) Apogee's "Mike" (not yet shipping), b) Blue Microphones' "Mikey" (iPod only), and c) IK Multimedia's "iRig Mic" (just started shipping). There may be others that I am not aware of.

    The Apogee ONE and Blue Yeti are both excellent products, imho. Of course, the ONE is an audio interface (DAC) plus a (very good) internal mic plus connector for an electric guitar/bass (or other instrument that can be connected to 1/4" audio cable) plus an XLR analog mic connection.

    The Yeti is a digital (USB) mic that can record in stereo. The ONE can only record in mono (output is stereo).

    Since both are excellent products, I would suggest a key question to ask yourself is whether you're looking for "only" a USB mic, or for a multi-function product (DAC, mic, etc). Also if stereo is critical, or if mono for recording is fine for your needs.

    The ONE is very portable (small and light). The Yeti is quite large and relatively heavy, much more so than might be apparent looking at a picture online. It's not something most people would want to add to their briefcase.

    The Yeti is truly plug and play; no drivers are required. All controls are on the mic itself. The ONE requires some simple software/drivers (included, but download the latest from Apogee's web site rather than using whatever comes in the box). Once installed, you can control the ONE either using the silver knob on the device, and/or through Apogee's "Maestro" software. Apple music products (GarageBand, Logic) have hooks into Apogee hardware (nothing similar is required for the Yeti, since it's "just" a mic).

    Of course, you can also get both.