Comparison between Sounsticks III and it's predecessor.

I'd like to know what are the differences between Soundsticks 3 and Soundsticks 2.
My Soundsticks 2 in their 2nd year of use, stared falling apart. The satellite speakers would split open along the seams. The guys that chose the glue that holds it together did not factor in, the humidity levels in asia.

Thus far, all I noticed were

1. different coloured bases for the satellite speakers.

2. White LED light on the SoundSticks 3 as opposed to the blue LED found on the predecessor.

3. Different wires(though this may merely be a cosmetic change)

Are there any real improvements in terms of sound reproduction quality

Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Channel Sound System

Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Channel Sound System

Product No Longer Available

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    The original was a USB based system not a mini-hifi plug. Original was blue to kinda-sorta match some of the original blue colored plastic monitors. The original SoundSticks were designed by Apple with HK and were only sold through Apple for a while. Since Lion, the USB's stopped working and were made obsolete. They will work with Windoze with the appropriate driver. The sound is actually better to my ears. I used the Original until about a year ago when I finally switched to Snow Leopard on my Mini. Since the input signal uses a normal 3.5mm stereo plug the SoundSticks can be used with ANY device that has a mini output including your iPod and iPad.