Colors aside, what's the difference between these and the previous fuelband?

Nike+ FuelBand SE - small (black)

Nike+ FuelBand SE - small (black)

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    A few minor changes in these bands, including:

    - Better Bluetooth technology (4.0), which can make automatic calls instead of you having to 'sync' it manually.
    - Because of the better Bluetooth, you will receive 'Move Alerts' that will notify you when you need to move around (Similar to the FitBit Band)
    - More accurate readings. They've update their algorithm to provide a more accurate reading of steps and Nike Fuel
    - Only the new band can use Nike's new "Sessions" feature, allowing you to create workout sessions around your activities. A way to categorize your workout. If you use Nike Running, think of it as starting a new run (Except you classify what you are doing during that session, maybe basketball, running, a gym workout, etc). You'll get 'Cheers' and encouragement as the session goes on.

    Hope this helps!