Can I charge this using my iPad charger or do I have to use the USB to computer method. Will my iphone charger work too? Not sure if too much power will damage it.

Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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    It comes with a small cable that you just plug into your zooka and into the wall socket - it seems to holds a great charge.

  • They'll work fine. Like all USB-charged devices in recent years, the Zooka battery accepts the USB standard 5V charging voltage with charger current ranging from 0.5A (500mA) for iPod chargers up to 2.1A (2100mA) for full-sized iPads. Higher current won't hurt the batteries. With more current they'll probably charge faster.

  • I've used it direct from the socket. No problems so far !