charge and sync simultaneously?

Can I charge and sync with iTunes simultaneously? Do I need two cables?

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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  • It was reported recently that on Apple machines, the USB port puts out more than standard power, so it's able to charge iOS devices. It's not as much power as from a plug, so charging will be slower. But since any amount of power through USB would be enough to charge the device when it's off, this was getting reported because it's enough to do the sync + charge thing.

    Also though, the fact of it getting reported in this way seems to suggest that Windows machines probably are NOT putting enough power through the USB port to charge + sync.

    So: if you're using a Windows machine, the answer is going to be "no". If you're using a Mac, the answer is going to be "yes".

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    NO. My understnading is that the iPad draws more power than the USB connection is able to provide. To charge the iPad you need the power adapter hooked up to it... musical plugs.

  • Yes!