Centralized Management of Apple Extremes

I'd like to bring my office setup to the 21st century and I'm looking to deploy 4 or more Apple Extremes around my business. So I was wandering if there is a way to centralized the WAN Management and settings. In other words, I'd like to configure all their settings from one location and then propagate the settings to all the units. I just want to avoid having to configure and update settings on each one which is what I need to do with my current setup. By the way, I'm running a Windows network, but I need to support multiple Ipads and Iphones as well as wireless printers and network shares access.
If it is feasible let me know. Many thanks

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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  • Well you are on the right track.
    But you really don't need all of them to be extremes.

    I would use one extreme and the rest expresses to expand or act as repeaters.

    you can even use a 100BaseT either-net cable from one floor to the next to expand the wireless network.

    Set up is very simple from one computer and use the airport utility either on a mac or a windows.
    This way the one extreme can be configured and the expresses can just act as range extenders. and save you money the airport expresses are less expensive than the extremes.