Cant remember if it was Parallels or not?

I tried a program out once to run Windows on my Mac...I really, massively disliked it far more than the convenience of being able to run Windows because - - this is a little hard to explain, but basically there was a lot of difficulty with running it in full screen & with being able to use the keyboard functions normally. What I dont remember is if it was Parallels or something else?
So based on my inability to recall what it was, I dont know if this is the product that I want. I just couldnt stand being forced to run the whole OS in windowed mode, plus the whole feel of it was extremely uncomfortable.

Just wondering if anyone knows whether what I described fits a description of the Parallels program or not? If so I definitely do not want to get it. Just from hearing it, you would think not having full screen capability is no big deal. But once youre in there & trying it out....whole different story.

BUT...that may very well have been a different program that runs Windows.

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac

Product No Longer Available

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  • Parallels has kept pace with the changes in Mac OS and provides a virtually seamless Win>Mac>Win user experience. I'm still using WinXP on my iMac, MacBook Pro(s) and MacBook Air for certain Win applications . I get full screen, all the normal keyboard functions, and when I'm in fullscreen, it's just like I was on a Win OS PC. I'm using Parallels v 7, and haven't used v8 yet. Actually on my older duoCore (2008) MacBook Pro, WinXP runs better and faster, even through Parallels, than the current version of Mac OS Lion X.8.2................ So something to think about. On the old machines your preferred OS might be Win, with OSX Mt lion as your 2ndry option. Umm, I also purchased VMware Fusion, which has advocates, adherents, but I happen to like Parallels better.