can you use time capsule as a hard drive

I am running out of memory and would like to transfer data like photos to another hard drive and erase the photos from my Macbook. Can I use the time capsule or is an external hard drive better. Also I have one but it doesn't show what I have stored in it. It is only for back ups. Want one that I can access and able to view pics, documents etc. Any advice??

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    A Time Capsule can be used for Time Machine, or it can be used as an external hard drive, but it can't be used for both purposes unless you reserve a fixed amount of file space for storage in advance of initiating Time Machine. (However, the data stored in the reserved space can't be backed up by Time Machine.) Once Time Machine has been started, it will continually expand to use all space on the hard drive that was not first reserved for storage. The decision is up to the user.

    If you want backups that you can view, the incremental backup method of Time Machine might not be what you want.

    However, to take advantage of both, you can use a Time Capsule for Time Machine, use an external hard drive for your extra storage space, and use another external hard drive for one-time complete backups, the kind that you are used to viewing.