Can you use the older docking station with a new cradle (insert) like the 3G and 3GS?

The older iPod docking stations came with various inserts for various iPods.
I assume that someone will make a insert for the 4G phone so we can use the older docking stations.

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Product No Longer Available

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    Those were the Universal Docks. Apple is already selling the dock adapter for the iPhone 4.

  • The 3G and 3GS wont work but the dock for the original iPhone will work with the iPhone 4.

  • This dock will not support inserts, however the Universal dock has an insert made specifically for iPhone 4, and this insert should be compatible with older universal docks as well.

  • Yes, thats what the inserts are meant for.

  • Yes just take out the inserts