Can you use TC to store music and use the sonos wireless music system to access the stored music?

Sonos and TC

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes, I do this and it works well, this means you don't have to have your mac running all the time

    When you set it up just create a new music folder in data folder on the time machine and copy your music across, you can them point sonos to this using the time machines IP address and the folder names, for example\data\music

    Te thing to think about is if you move your whole iTunes library to the time capsule it won't be being backed up so you have three options:

    1 just make a copy of the music you want and leave the original iTunes library where it is to be backed up, then copy new music across when you buy it


    Use one of the many syncing apps to make sure the copy of iTunes on the time capsule is always the same as the one on your computer ( didn't fancy this, concerned I'd end up with duplicates


    Move the iTunes folder to the time machine and point iTunes to it, back it up occasionally manually