can you use more than one time capsule in sequence for additional memory storage?

My time capsule is nearing nearly full, what is the best way to expand my memory, 1) use a 2nd larger TC , or 2) buy a standard external HD and use it (which will not be backed up).

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Well in my opinion the least expensive way to expand your storage space is to attach a USB hub to the TC and keep adding standard external HDs as your need more storage space for growing.
    Of course if you want to stick with TCs you can keep adding more and more to your network just make sure when you setting up the additional ones choose the option: "Extend existing network" (or something like that). And of course make sure you name the TCs differently. i.e: John Doe's Time Capsule, John Doe02's Time Capsule... etc. You got the point.
    Good luck!

    P.s: I would look into buying a Drobo if you really serious about your ever growing storage space and data safety. Just my 2 cents.