Can you use it in another country or on a plane

I am going to Hatie & they may not have an electrical outlet where I will be. I wanted to know if this would charge my iPhone or iPad , & how many times? How long does the battery last until it has to be charged? Ty sharon

mophie Juice Pack Powerstation DUO Battery - 6000 mAh

mophie Juice Pack Powerstation DUO Battery - 6000 mAh

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    you will need a special plug to re-charge the Mophie Battery pack depending on what country you are visiting, just as you would any electric device.

    as far as the Mophie charger, it doesn't matter what device you are charging AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A CORD THAT HAS A USB PLUG ON ONE END.

    you simply plug your cord from your device into the Mophie charger, and then connect that to whatever device you are intending to charge. the pain here is needing different cords with you to charge whatever device(s) you bring along with you. then not forgetting them when you arrive home and plug them back into the wall.

    Mophie portable battery packs do not come with plug heads, only the cord. since you already have one, they forgo it considering it probably saves money and time for them. and they know you already have a plug, because you wouldn't need a portable battery pack charger if you didn't have an electronic device! lol

    Question 2
    per your plane question, that isn't really a clear question. Did you mean:
    can you charge the Mophie Pack ITSELF while on a plane? yes of course if they have a regular outlet just like and other place. (but most planes don't)

    or did you mean:
    Can you charge your device WITH the Mophie Charger while on a plane? yes. i did over 4 different flights. any phone or tablet doesn't have to be on to be charged. one stewardess asked me if i had shut off all of my electronic devices because she saw my Mophie Pack charging my iPhone next to me... and i told her yes, i was simply charging my phone while in flight, and neither device is "on".

    there is no On/Off switch for the Mophie charger Pack because its just a battery, that's all.