Can you swim with it?

I am a swimmer. I can't run for physical reasons and must limit my workouts to lap swimming. Is Nike going to make one for us?

Nike+ FuelBand SE - small (black)

Nike+ FuelBand SE - small (black)

Product No Longer Available

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    I haven't heard anything to that effect. The Fuel Band is moisture resistant, but not waterproof. You can shower with it, but Nike specifically states that it is not built to withstand swimming. A better choice for swimming is the Fitbit, which is built to be able to swim -- but can't withstand depths of more than 4-5'. So, if you are a diver (scuba or board), leave the Fitbit on the boat or in the locker.

  • I have swam with mine. It worked fine, and have been using it for months after
    With no problem. The water, gets in between the transmitter and your chest and
    Will give you a false reading ever once I a while. Besides that it works fine.