Can you still have an incase case with you 15 in and put it in the laptop sleeve for extra protection?

Hurley Backpack

Hurley Backpack

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    This backpack will accomodate a 15" MBP inside a neoprene sleeve, and the fit is absolutely snug and perfect. Obviously, if the 15" + neoprene will fit, a 13" will fit with the neoprene sleeve, too- but the 17" MBP will only fit with the Incase hardshell or on its own, not with the neoprene.

    IMHO, this bag is perfect for the 13" and 15" with the neoprene sleeves to snug up the fit (it's slightly loose, but not at all dangerous without the sleeve).

    Hope this helps...

  • That's exactly what i had planned for. A 15' mbp + incase hardshell +a sleeve. I believe it should fit perfectly like 17' ones. Try it at the store just in case your sleeve is super geeky (if you know what i mean)